Click on the below headers to explore the TS050 HYBRID technical details:

Type LMP1-H (Le Mans Prototype – Hybrid)
Bodywork Carbon fibre composite
Windscreen Polycarbonate
Anti roll bars Front and rear
Length 4650mm
Width 1900mm
Height 1050mm
Suspension Independent front and rear wishbone, pushrod system
Springs Torsion bars
Steering Hydraulically assisted
Engine V6 direct injection twin-turbo
Engine Capacity 2.4litre
Fuel Petrol
Fuel Capacity 35.1kg
Lubricants Mobil 1
Engine Power 368kw / 500PS
Hybrid Power 368kw / 500PS (front and rear combined)
Combined Power 736kw / 1000PS
Battery High-powered lithium-ion battery developed by TOYOTA
Front Hybrid Motor AISIN AW
Rear Hybrid Motor DENSO
Inverter DENSO
Tyres Michelin Radial
Front Tyres 31/71-18
Rear Tyres 31/71-18
Discs Ventilated front and rear in carbon
Brake calipers Mono-block light-alloy
Brake discs Carbon ventilated
Gearbox Transversal with 7 gears, sequential
Gearbox casing Aluminium
Driveshafts Constant velocity tripod plunge-joint driveshafts
Clutch Multidisc
Differential Mechanical locking differential