CS-Cup Document Centre

Check out all the relevant documents regarding the GT86 CS-Cup car by clicking on the links below.

Commercial information

Document Type Issue Date Version Size
TMG Customer request form PDF 20/09/2017 V1 0.3MB
Driver cooling kit PDF 20/09/2017 V1 0.3MB
Financial offer GT86 CS-Cup PDF 12/09/2017 V2 0.1MB
GT86 CS-Cup order form PDF 20/12/2017 V1 0,3MB
Order form upgrade package GT86 CS-Cup PDF 13/04/2017 V1 0,2MB
Running cost calculator GT86  CS-Cup PDF 13/01/2017 V1 0,3MB
GT86 CS-Cup test drive – VLN08 2017 PDF      

General information

Document Type Issue Date Version Size
Information letter GT86 Cup 2017 PDF 10/02/2017 V1 0,7MB
Technical data sheet GT86 CS-Cup PDF 24/05/2017 V3 0,8MB
GT86 Cup entry regulation 2017 PDF 02/02/2017 V1 0,7MB
TMG GT86 Cup race schedule 2017 PDF 05/01/2017 V1 0,7MB

Regulations and bulletins

Document Type Issue Date Version Size
Sportive and technical regulations GT86 Cup 2017 PDF 20/06/2017 V2 1,1MB
Technical prescription PIRELLI tyres PDF 10/02/2017 V1 0,1MB
Branding requirements GT86 Cup driver suit PDF 10/02/2017 V1 0,5MB
 Branding requirement GT86 Cup car  PDF  10/02/2017  V1  1,1MB
 Bulletin 01/2017 Lubrication  PDF  21/03/2017  V1  0,2MB
 Bulletin 02/2017 Lubrication PDF 31/03/2017  V1  0,2MB
 Bulletin 03/2017 Bonnet venilation  PDF  19/05/2017  V1  0,2MB
 Bulletin 04/2017 Minimum pit stop times  PDF  22/06/2017 V1 0,2MB
 Bulletin 05/2017 Minimum weight  PDF  30/06//2017  V1  0,2MB
 Bulletin 06/2017 Exhaust springs  PDF  17/08/2017  V1 0,3MB 
 Bulletin 07/2017 Differential temperature recording/ Battery  PDF  24/08/2017  V1  0,3MB
 Bulletin 07a/2017 Differential temperature recording  PDF  24/08/2017  V1  0,4MB
 Bulletin 08/2017 Transmission  PDF  14/09/2017  V1  0,2MB